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Sashay your Way to Glam Heaven

We are all about fashion. Yes, that’s clear. But, did you know how we got to this point of oiling a blog that will suggest people to have some fashion sense, or even more that will make others go w-o-w every time they glide away? Here’s the story.dress-up-your-tresses-hair-bands-430x550

We were bullied as teens. That’s how we – Jane, Alice, and me, Trixie – got together and became friends. We were bullied not because we look awful but because senior high students can be vicious, especially if they have everything going for them – fab, fame, and beauty – or so they thought.

The bond that we had was so strong that we decided to go to the same college and enlist for the same course, you guessed that one right, Fashion Design. But, we did not take up Fashion Design until after we finished a Business Administration course major in Marketing. That’s because it was only when we graduated from our Marketing course that we saw our potential to make good as fashion designers.

That’s how our journey with fashion came about. We worked hard to be able to pursue a career in this industry where so many others were great in. When we inaugurated our fifth boutique shop at the opening of the 21st century in Queens, NYC, it was also about the time that the Internet was in full bloom. We thought it was the sanest thing to do to ride the waves and get on the online craze.

Later on, we realized that this blog is more than just about extending our marketing arm to reach out to more customers. Jane particularly thought that we could make things happen for others by providing our own glamorous insights. Dressing up, after all, is not just about looking good but more about feeling good about yourself. When you feel good, when you are confident, you can go greater heights. That became our commitment since.

What’s Up?

Having said the history of our friendship, which is also the back story of this fashion blog, what can you expect from us? Well, we cannot promise to turn you from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan in an instant. But we have several suggestions on board that could make a fabulous transformation possible.

If you have already browsed through some of our articles, you will notice that we do not command people to dress this way or that. Instead, we lay down the rules on how one can achieve a beautiful aura and be both comfortable and confident about it.

For the rest of the pages, we have style inspirations influenced by none other than our creations, of course. We bet you expected that. However, we do not believe in hard sell. We believe in our products. It is up to you if you do as well or not.

Please feel free to drop us an email anytime you have a pressing concern in mind, whether it is about our insights or our fashion sense. For now, enjoy the rest of the site. Happy browsing!

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