Amazing Concrete Finishes for that “Industrial Chic” Vibe

It has been a decade since we first saw the meteoric rise of the so-called “industrial chic” aesthetic in interior design. It takes cues from abandoned industrial properties that have been converted into residential spaces. Clear applications of these include grind and seal concrete floors, exposed brick layers, recycled wood panels, and antique or industrial lighting. Industrial chic has taken the world by storm and has gained so much popularity that even commercial spaces are doing it as well. Today, it remains to be a preferred option by many clients and property owners as it promotes environmental sustainability as well.

While tiling installations remain to be a popular option to many households in Australia, concrete floor grinding in Sydney is gaining momentum as well. More homeowners are looking into the industrial chic aesthetic even with suburban properties. If the 90’s brought us opaque glass blocks, wall-to-wall carpets, thick curtains, wallpapers and yes, even parquet floors that caused so much repair and maintenance costs, the industrial chic of today is reversal of all that. The homes of today are stripped down of all these layers and excesses and here are some concrete finishes that will bring industrial chic to your property.

Depending on your contractor, there are around 8 decorative concrete finishes available today. The most popular option is the polished concrete finish where concrete is grinded to a certain level and a penetrant chemical is applied to achieve a polished look. Grinding can expose different levels of the concrete giving a different look and feel. There’s the salt and pepper finish for a speckled look, a semi-exposed finish to reveal more aggregate detail, and the full exposed finish which exposes the most aggregate and gives a bolder and more distinctive look.

Now, polished concrete for some people may be quite expensive option. And industrial-chic need not be expensive. In fact, it is the opposite of opulence. The concrete finish that actually matches this aesthetic the most is the grind and seal concrete option. It does not need to expose the aggregate underneath the concrete but rather just gives it a good buff and seal. Traditionally, this has been used in industrial floorings, parking lots, and factories. So nothing gets more authentic than this option.

Aside from grind and seal concrete, there are several other finishes worth considering. For those who want to be a little more playful with their aesthetic, there is a colored finish. There are also techniques called stamping and stenciling, which are used to give a faux brick or cobblestone illusion perfect for outdoors.

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