Doors – How to Choose to Save Energy and Reduce Energy Bill

Doors complete the elegant look of a house. The front or entry door for instance provides not only a strong protection for your house but also it should make handsome impression. Stacker doors as front door are a good option especially when your home has plenty of glass space both for the entry and exit. Choosing the right door for your home could help you save on energy bill and at the same time, elicit good impression.

Garage doors

Garage doors will have high impact on the thermal comfort of your home especially when you’re having an attached garage. Garage doors are usually made from wood, steel, and aluminum. Make sure the material has high insulation performance. For simpler garage door, aluminum offers high insulation performance and is cheaper, too. Stacker doors for garage offer good styling and design as well as high insulation performance.

Patio doors

Inefficient and older patio door can cause huge energy waste and results to high-energy bill. If you’re replacing your patio doors, make sure you replace it with doors with low-emissivity. Stacker doors with low-energy coated glass have the ability to reflect radiant infrared energy and reflect a lot of unwanted heat and energy back to the source such as the sun. Such doors also open and cover up more areas. Aluminum doors with good thermal breaks on the other hand reduce heat loss in summer while regulating heat in summer.

Entry doors

Glass panel doors for front doors offer more light. Wood is also an excellent material especially the new version that can resist elements better than the older models. Fiberglass composite doors provide greater protection and usually cost less than real wood. Bifold doors on the other hand are good as space dividers and offer privacy at any given time as the panels can be folded neatly against the wall. If you want the ultimate protection, steel doors offer good choice. For stylish door leading to the lawn or swimming pool area, concertina doors are just perfect especially the designer’s types.

Exit doors

Exit doors must be something that is durable and low maintenance. Aluminum doors rank high in durability and low maintenance qualities. The doors provide robust protection and have very high weather resistance capacity. Aluminum doors are also cheaper and the easy installation makes it a perfect choice for those with no carpentry skills. Bifold and accordion doors made of fabrics or vinyl are good choice if you want to save heating cost.

When choosing your doors either for entry or exit or as dividers, it is best to get all the components from same manufacturer to ensure all fits together and perfectly.

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