How to Pull Off the Bohemian Style

Who does not like a style that is light, flirtatious and creative? The look that has entranced women from movie stars to teenagers, inspires the feel of endless summertime as well as whimsical and vintage style. Haute Boheme is a style that brings a unique and chic look to women of this era. And to grace oneself with this flair, here are some basic pieces to start with:

13457689_1094719203884852_1674765939_nThe Maxi Skirt

A simple and solid-colored Spell skirt will be easy to watch with different kinds of tops, from a solid-colored v-neck or with a printed shirt.

Ankle Boots

Neutral-colored to match everything, slouchy or distressed booties is perfect whether with a maxi dress, skirt or even skinny jeans.

Hairbands or Headwraps

Even your accessories should go along with your boho chic look. A hairband goes really well with your long summer locks and just screams Haute Boheme. You can also try a flower crown, and evoke the feel of the 70s.

Maxi Dress

A long, flowing dress with geometric or nature-inspired designs that flows well with the wind, and keeps you cool on those warm summer days. To dress it up for a date, you can wear wedge sandals with your Binny maxi dress and look casually chic.

Gladiator Sandals

Your alternative when the temperatures go up, they are perfect for summer but still look feminine and very fashionable. With options from ankle-high to even knee-high ones, make sure you opt for one that is simple to slip on or off!

Knitted Cardigans or Sweaters

Even when it’s a bit chillier, you can still pull off that Boheme look with your knitted vest. For warmer days, a lace-knit, see-through one would be great for layering with your maxi skirt and top. Also goes well with a light printed scarf to complete the look.

Brimmed Hat

Whether made of straw for the summer or felt for the cooler seasons, your hat keeps you looking a bit more mysterious and at the same time protects you from the sun.

Tunic Blouse or Shirt

Try checking out your mom’s vintage wardrobe or the closest shop to find the perfect top. Other options are embroidered tops and pair with a vest and skinny jeans.

Go for Prints

The Haute Boheme look just loves the bold and geometric prints, whether it’s on your top, your maxi dress or even your coat.


When it comes to your bling, the chunkier the better! Oversized hoop earrings are the staple, but earrings with long hanging feathers, beaded necklaces or wood bangles also look fabulous.

Here are the basics that would make you look like the hippest bohemian chic in town, so go and grab these pieces now.


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