Color Play, the 7 Hip Color Combos of the Season

2016 is a great year for fashion. Well, every year is great but this is particularly interesting because people are becoming more adept at looking good. They now realize that dressing up entails a handful of details, play of colors included. Here are our recommendations for hip colors to use to be attuned to this season’s style:Fashion

Pastel Pink and Blue

The subdued impression of pastel colors are very in this season. If you use these two the right way, you can create an eye-catching number that will make people look to your direction. They will make an irresistible pair, especially since the mix exudes the soft scent of jasmine as well as the warmth of spring breeze.

Red and Blue

If you want to appear fierce and fabulous, taking out the softness in your blues and replacing pink with red is the way to go. This color combo is an all-time favorite. It is almost a staple in every fashion year, season, month, and week and it remains to be a killer look if you want to look smarter, bolder, and more fabulous.

Orange and Blue

A little tweak can already go a long way. This color combination attests to that. If you replace the reds with oranges, a bright sun will shine upon your wardrobe. Orange and blue is used as a great tool in the color blocking technique, which is simply about the perfect blend, the perfect balance.

Orange and Black

Speaking of balance, it is very easy to tame down the brightness of orange by applying the principle of black into the wardrobe. Whether the color combination is imprinted on individual items or you are going to mix and match wardrobe pieces from your dresser, the fabulous effect will just be the same.

Turquoise and Blue

Turquoise has always been associated with elegance and class. If you throw in cobalt blue into the mix, you will surely look great. For a more regal effect, it is highly advisable that you choose your accessories well. The good news is, you can both use gold and silver accessories for this color blend and still look amazing.

Yellow and Green

Think of the blaring sunlight against a green landscape. Mixing and matching with the use of these two colors command a fresh and vibrant look. Youthful is the order for 2016 so you can expect that a mix of youthful colors will fill in fashion forward statements.

Purple and Coral

Coral is one of the most common lipstick shades of old. But recently, the color reinvented itself as a versatile shade that can make an outfit standout. For this season, mixing coral with shades of purple will give you a nice confidence lift. That’s especially since both color shades may flatter whatever skin tone you might be in.

Choosing your colors is a foundation for choosing your outfits. When you know which colors seal the deal for this season’s fashion style, you will have an easier task of picking the right clothes to wear for the win.

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