Office Interior Design Actually Affects Work Productivity!

Thinking of a way to kick up those sales figures? Then maybe it’s time to call that company that does interior fitouts for offices. More often than not, well-established businesses forego the idea of office remodeling. You’re probably thinking, “If it isn’t broke, why to fix it?” You don’t want to inflate your capital expenditures and more so, to invest in new office furniture and equipment when the existing ones can obviously meet minimum work demands. It’s a very pragmatic mindset and there are business owners in Sydney who indeed share this sentiment. But have you also considered how an office space can actually impact your balance sheets positively?

Some people often downplay the importance of good interior design. Your finance officer may shy away from it as it’s often perceived as a luxury expense – a “want-it-not-need-it” line item in the budget. But having the right interior fitouts for offices can actually impact workforce productivity. Let’s take Google for example. The tech company has been known for its outlandish approaches in dealing with the work culture. They have some of the quirkiest office interiors, you’ll probably think you’re in a children’s playground. But hey, their employees were happy about it and it helped build a work culture that drove them to succeed. In fact, based on research from Warwick University back in 2009, Google’s productivity rose by 37% because Google employees were happier.

“So is it about getting Google-inspired office fitouts?” you might ask. The answer is, “It depends.” Google became successful not because they have fancy furniture alone. Their reason for doing so rested upon their desire to make their employees the happiest on the planet. And they knew that happy employees drove better results. So even if you do have a basic and functional office, does it elicit happiness from your employees? If not, then it hurts more than helps your business. Of course, other factors are in play here like work benefits and office relationships. But it pays off to reflect on the current layout of your workplace to see if it makes your workers happy. Do a survey and check if remodeling an office will elicit positive feedback.

And if your workers want an improved work environment, then make no hesitation to consider new interior fitouts for offices. There are competent and reliable interior design firms in Sydney that can help you out. These professionals can identify the office layout, equipment, and furniture that best match your business. It’s not about fixing what’s broken anyway. It’s about upgrading!


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