Protect Your Space: 6 Reasons to Waterproof Your Bathroom

Did you know that in Australia, faulty waterproofing is one of the top three building defects that property owners encounter? This issue can lead to infestation and affect the structural integrity of houses — especially if the primarily affected space is the bathroom (where plenty of water is being consumed). If a damaged waterproofing material is already an alarming concern, what more if you don’t have a waterproof shower and bath area in the first place?

This article rounds up the six compelling reasons why you need to invest in owning a waterproof shower.

Waterproofing 101

When you waterproof something, it means that you are preventing moisture from passing through it. This concept is different from making something water-resistant wherein you only restrict moisture’s movement to a certain degree. When you waterproof shower and bath areas, you are equipping these rooms with a membrane product to block moisture from spreading into the other areas of your house.

Why Waterproof Your Bathroom

Below, we’ve gathered six reasons to convince you to waterproof your bathroom.

It stops leakage. Water is not exempted from gravitational pull — this is why it’s easy for them to flow downwards. If your walls are damaged, it will allow for water to leak. Tap experts in waterproofing and shower sealing in Sydney to prevent this from happening.

It prevents mold from growing. Your bathroom provides an environment for mold to grow. But you can address this by installing a waterproof barrier between your walls inner and outer layers.

It prevents condensation from forming within walls. If you don’t have a waterproofed bathroom, condensation within your walls can occur. The excessive moisture trapped inside can not only cause mold growth but also heat loss, which eventually leads to higher utility bills.

It provides insulation. When you waterproof bathroom spaces, you can help retain heat in this part of your home. In relation to the bullet above, it can help you minimize energy bills.

It lowers your maintenance costs. If your bathroom has high levels of moisture, it can lead to costly repairs over time — your paint may peel, your wood may rot, and your walls may crack. By investing in waterproofing membranes, you are actually helping yourself save on maintenance costs in the future.

It enhances the value of your property. Having a well-maintained bathroom is a strong selling point once you decide to let go of your house. The market value of your property will also be increased because you’ve helped keep its structural integrity intact.


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