The Best Wedding Cinematography Spots in Australia

Aside from photos, there are more ways to immortalize weddings and the memories that are carried alongside them. Couples throughout the years have realized that taking photos isn’t enough, and it’s time to level up everything by using videos. Wedding filmmakers in Sydney are almost everywhere nowadays, so availing one would never be hard.

However, what’s hard is choosing the best spot to create these wedding films, and surely, not every couple knows every nook and cranny of Australia. That’s why this article has been made just for you. Here are some amazing wedding cinematography locations you can use for your upcoming ceremony.

Parliament House

Wedding cinematographers aren’t choosy when it comes to location, and in fact, they love it if it’s challenging! Not only that it makes things more interesting, but it also makes the shot even better and creative. One location that has been famous for wedding couples is the Parliament House, an archaic building that represents a formal or more classic wedding theme. It’s a magnificent place and this architectural wonder is open for all couples.

Observatory Hill Park

Cinematographers love nature, and not only because it’s green, but also because they can utilize a lot of their gadgets, such as drones and cameras with a wider range. The Observatory Hill Park is one opportunity that outshines other locations because of the view it offers. It’s also open to the public so this is the most ideal scenario for a more casual wedding theme. With an open and wide view of Sydney, Observatory Hill Park provides a wide array of cinematic experiences that videographers are more than welcome to take advantage of.

Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden is one of a kind for its mystical and magical environment that is also open for creativity and also customization. Wedding filmmakers in Sydney can bring in other props such as extra lighting and also add depth to the film with live music to create a much more brimming atmosphere to make everything more alive.

Royal Exhibition Building

As a World Heritage Site, the Royal Exhibition Building is one of Australia’s pride when it comes to architecture and also the scenery. As the name suggests, it can give a royal vibe to a film without exerting too much effort, meaning that wedding filmmakers in Sydney can focus on other things such as angle positioning and also pacing.

Aside from its impressive exterior, its interior is also something worth looking at and is something that should be in wedding films, to be viewed by other generations to come.

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