Your Dresses and Your Tresses: Making a Perfect Match

If you think dressing up is just about being well dressed, you better think again. Looking good is not just about what you wear. It is actually more about how you wear it.

The entire package – from the wardrobe to the shoes to the makeup to the hairdo and down to the nail color – may have an impact on your style. In this article, I will give you my ten cents on how to perfectly match your tresses with your dresses so as to accomplish one of the biggest hurdles of having that perfect fashion sense that deserves second glances. Read on.

Why hairstyles matter

How you wear your hair does not only matter in the matching sense but also on how confident you will be sashaying your “look” for the day. Being comfortable and confident both have the power to tell you if you are doing the dressing up part right. So, make sure you understand the rules of wearing your hair according to what you wear. Once you know the tricks, it will be quite natural for you to look good and feel good every single day of your life.

Although most of you would have a professional stylist, especially during special occasions when you particularly put your best foot forward, it is still quite important to understand the tricks. You will never know when you need to pull them in. Also, it is never wrong to have an output on your final aura. This is you I am talking about, after all.

Rule #1: Dresses first, tresses second.

Before you learn anything about wearing the perfect hair for an event, it is crucial that you make good choices on what to wear first and foremost. The dress would naturally dictate how the rest of the puzzle pieces fit in.

Rule #2: Learning how to use contrast is crucial.

One of the best guidelines on matching your dress and your hairdo is learning the value of contrast. If your dress is quite loud, wearing a loud hairstyle is not advisable. Instead, tame down your look with a simple hairstyle. If you dress simply, on the other hand, you have the license to wear a more elaborate hairstyle. The art of push and pull, the principle of contrast, is the secret to creating balance in your look, which should be your goal as always.

Rule #3: Up when up, up or down for the rest.

If the neckline of your dress is high, it is considered sensible to go for an updo. This will allow you to show off the details of your dress. Other than that, it depends on you whether to wear your hair up or down. Part of the rule is this: if you are wearing a low neckline to show off your shoulders and collarbones or whatever beauty right there that you have, you should wear an updo so the hair does not get in the way. If you are wearing the dress with a low cut neckline because of its fit or style, you have the choice whether to wear your hair loose or otherwise.

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